So here's the thing: The rich get away with way more than they're supposed to. This is obvious at this point. They don't pay as much in terms of taxes, they get off pretty much scott free in terms of fines (a thousand dollars to a billionaire is nothing) and they've been able and will continue to be able to perform some seriousy ethically dubious stuff, if not outright morally reprehensible stuff (looking at *you*, Nestle) for nothing but profits. They don't care about anyone but their own little secret society of millionaires, so the middle class may as well not exist as people to them.

Here's my question: How in the world did we let this get this bad? Every aspect of our being nowadays is being pulled in one direction or another by advertisements everywhere. Advertisements on TV, advertisements online, advertisements on billboards, corparate shills on social media. It's inescapable. These advertisements are built to do whatever it takes to get you to buy their product, from sneaky psycological tricks to outright lies being paved over by weaselly wording. How has it gotten to the point where whenever I see something as innoceous as a soda can or something on a meme I start questioning if someone's trying to get me to buy something? It goes against basic human decency to have these people invade our minds so thoroughly and get away with it.

bleh ill add the rest of this later